Meat-Free evening at The Tap

Meat-Free evening at The Tap

Thursday 31st March 2016


Fancy an evening of lovely vegetarian food? This is one of our take-over nights. This will be the only menu running, the price is £25 per head. And it’s platter-style food – so each table gets each course sequentially, on a platter. A kind of mezze/tapas-y affair. There’s no choosing, just sit down, enjoy the company and wait for the food to arrive. It’s all 100% veggie (not necessarily vegan though – that’s for another date..). Starts from 730. Please book though – 01473 225501 or mail me on

Here’s the menu. It’s in my traditional not-loads-of-info style.

Stuffed olives & breadsticks

Crispy egg crostini, cured beetroot

Roasted jerusalem artichoke spudbomb, harissa mayonnaise

Baby leeks in Dijon vinaigrette, vegemite & hazelnut puff pastry, mascarpone

Aubergine bisteeya pie

Wild garlic, leek & prune zeppole

Turkish coffee muhallabeya

Muscat saffron tart, pomegranate & papaya curd


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