All sorts of stuff on the go.

2019 was a crazy year – I did a little stint cooking at Koks – a 2 Michelin star restaurant in the Faroes then, following a week in Southern Finland I did a couple of events in Estonia – one in Tallinn and the other on a remote farm a hundred kilometres away….. Finished my association with the Boot back in July & then spent a week or so traveling all over Georgia, did a spot of cooking, chatted to a few interesting foodie types, researched some fermentation recipes up in the mountains….. Spent a week driving around the ring road in Iceland playing the tourist but also meeting up with a couple of chefs – most notably the fab Gunnar Gislasen of Dill in Reykjavik (Iceland first Michelin starred restaurant)

I’m knocking a book proposal up as well

– all about fermentation in the North Atlantic – we’ve cobbled together a research team from various universities (Reykjavic, Nuuk & Faroes) in a project to document heritage foods such as rotten skate, fermented lamb & shark, and of course, kiviaq (fermented seabirds inside seals…). We’re looking at the science behind these foods and the stories that have shaped their creation. Looking like a pretty incredible struggle of man’s determination to survive in extremely harsh environments, using our ingenuity & dogged resilience to adapt & survive.

Also in Sept I spent a few days working at a festival in Wales. Cooked up a Feast for 60 guests up on the Thursday evening, hosted a hot & cold smoking workshop on Friday followed by the launch of the Survivalist Fermentation project with Sandor Katz on the Saturday. Sandor is renowned as the person who pretty much kicked off the fermentation following his 2 amazing books on the subject a few years back.

I also have ravens

I’ve been working with Chris, the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London in training up three of their four ravens that hatched on St George’s Day this year. The ravens are back with me now in Suffolk and I’m posting regular vids & pics on my Instagram account if you wanna go check them out – @mikekeencooks

Keep up to date with my current recipes, event appearances and more here.

I also cooked with Greg Wallace & Gino D’Acampo at a couple of WeFiFo events towards the end of 2019.


I’m cooking and talking at the Country Living Spring Fair in Ally Pally in April.

Am working loads with the lovely Lucy of She Grows Veg fame. We’re putting out regular cooking shows on her YouTube channel. Lucy manages to get hold of some incredible heritage & rare seeds from all over the world which she then grows and educates people on the subject through her @shegrowsveg Instagram account.