Chef strategist

I’ve been working remotely on a couple of really interesting restaurant projects already this year – menu & kitchen design mostly but also both coincidentally are using alternative energy to power most or all of their kit – the reason being as well as being way better by not burning off fossil fuels they are both deep in wild territory (not UK). As well as hankering after my own place again I’m enjoying getting involved with some cool projects. So I’m putting myself out there as a consultant/strategist/chef for hire – whatever role a project needs

I can create and deliver a whole brand – from new builds involving menu design, building & kitchen design, supplier set up, costings and recruitment, through pre-opening and opening week to the aftermath of opening and tweaking systems. And then ongoing training and development. Or I can parachute in and bail if there’s a short term problem. Can and willing to travel and learn languages accordingly!

2020 definitely did not go the way I thought – which I guess is the way for most people. Luckily I found myself pub and/or restaurant-less when it started which was a rare piece of good timing for me, so despite all my events & bookings being cancelled I was still

I’m now back from my travels – have been posting pretty much every day and I have a wealth of info and fab stories ready for my book.

Yes – A BOOK!

I’m currently working on the beast – it’s based on the westward migration of the Norse as they left Norway over a thousand years ago, introducing and adapting food as they learnt to survive in such harsh environments as The Faeroes, Iceland & Greenland.

Check out my post over on the Blog page – the first one covers fermentation and how it developed alongside humans as we progressed from hunter gatherers to farmers.

I ended up spending 7 weeks in Greenland – what a place! I’ll be exploring the food that evolved from having to survive in such harsh conditions – both from the Norse and also the Inuit of Greenland, there’ll be traditional recipes as well as my take on them – I’ll be talking about the spectacular Greenlandic Norse story – how they arrived and the reasons on why they disappeared after almost 500 years – added to the mix is the story of colonialism and how East met West for the first time in human history.