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All sorts of stuff on the go.

Mainly at The Boot – a bloody fab pub (we think so anyway) in Suffolk. Opened in June 2018 – 500 year old building, got a massive kitchen garden which is open to the public so feel free to come and explore what we base a lot of our dishes around. We’ve got loads of seating around the garden which has views over the river Orwell and the Orwell Bridge – there are also ducks in the pond there and our three Boot Bee hives just down the way in the woods which will be producing our first honey in 2019! Next door to the garden is our wedding paddock which is home to our Icelandic ram and two Hebridean ewes (sheep). Huge pub garden with an extensive outdoor cooking area along with a lovely covered roundhouse – soon to be home to a series of celeb chef demos and a host of music dates. And just next to the chicken orchard is the Freston Kino – our very own boutique cinema, the Kombucha Shed and our Smokery. Phew. Loads going on. I’ve got an amazing team in the kitchen now so am freed up to tie all the various components together. Can often be found flying our raven Grippe in the grounds – watch this space for interesting news concerning the ravens at the Tower of London!

Planning tours and various workshops at The Boot including chef experience sessions (working in the kitchen with us), garden workshops, bees, smoking (food), fermentation, outdoor cooking and loads of others. Working with Inspire Suffolk on various events throughout 2019 including the world famous World Pickled Egg Championship in October!

Am coordinating a collaborative research team from various universities (Reykjavic, Nuuk & Tromso) in a project to document heritage foods such as rotten skate, fermented shark & kiviaq (fermented seabirds inside seals…)

The Good Life Experience Festival is just one of the festivals I’ll be at next year – various subjects such as fermentation, taxidermy, sushi & also cooking with talented chefs on events!

Ooh – red squirrel breeding programme as well – watch this space……

Keep up to date with my current recipes, event appearances and more here.

A bit of my back story-

Born in Colchester but brought up in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, I guess I was soaking up a taste for exotic flavours and adventurous cooking at an early age.

This industry has taken me all round the world, working in restaurants, on cruise ships and in cocktail bars, as a chef, troubleshooter, barman, waiter and business owner.

After many years abroad Mike brought his family home to Suffolk in 2008, working at Jimmy’s Farm of TV fame and as head chef at the Anchor in Walberswick, before taking on the Brewery Tap in 2009, then Cult Cafe in Ipswich. I’m now at The Boot in Freston which is proving a fab base from which to launch new adventures!

I’m pretty good at working in testing environments, with a wealth of creativity and experience to draw on when designing menus, developing new projects and planning top class events.

I love developing bespoke menus, from mouth smashing canapes through to sit-down dinners. Also quote creative & passionate at injecting theatre into my cooking by using a range of cooking methods including tandoor ovens, sushi conveyor belts, charcoal roasts, kebab spits, chicken chandeliers and carousels…..

I’m available for food demos, talks and workshops, corporate days, food festivals, product launches and culinary events worldwide. Plenty of interesting things on the go most of the time from raven breeding to arctic heritage food research….. feel free to contact me, I bloody love a good natter about food.



Get in touch with me using the form below, or ping an email to me -mike@mikekeen.co