Where’s Mike?

I’m planning a series of demos & chats at various food festivals & exhibitions for 2020. as well as several exciting projects abroad. I’m getting into koji in a big way at the moment – I currently have a bunch of miso, amazake, tempeh & soy sauces on the go. Check out the instagram feed to see how I’m getting on…



All sorts of stuff on the go.

Have been all over the place this summer. Following a week in Southern Finland I did a couple of events in Estonia – one in Tallinn and the other on a remote farm a hundred kilometres away. Spent a week or so traveling all over Georgia, did a spot of cooking, chatted to a few interesting foodie types, researched some fermentation recipes up in the mountains… I’m knocking a book proposal up as well, all about fermentation in the North Atlantic. We’ve cobbled together a research team from various universities (Reykjavic, Nuuk & Faroes) in a project to document heritage foods such as rotten skate, fermented lamb & shark, and of course, kiviaq (fermented seabirds inside seals…)


Quince jelly.

Quinces are pretty inedible straight off the tree – like a cross between a pear and an apple but made out of concrete. Cook them though and they turn into a beautiful princess (‘quince’ means princess in Portuguese!*).

Recipe for jelly; quarter about ten quinces (the weight doesn’t matter, we’ll measure the juice that comes out to work out the other stuff). Use a good board & knife, they’re super hard and will need some muscle. Leave everything on – skin, pips, fuzzy down on the outside.. Bung them in a pan, cover with water then add another 5cm of water. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 80 minutes until they’re soft and mushy.